We Provide Innovative and creative designs for packaging systems

Our principles

Quality Assurance

All our products are made with only the best materials and are assured for quality throughout all the stages of the design and manufacturing process

cost-effective systems

Reducing the cost that it takes to make the systems is always one of our key priorities

innovative and efficient solutions

From the initial design process to the final product, innovative and efficient ideas are what we thrive on to make our manufacturing systems

customer satisfaction

We always put our customers first and ensure customer needs are met effectively

We provide innovative engineered solutions

About Us

Advances in technology provide wonderful opportunities for new innovations in Packaging Machinery and Trinamics is at the forefront of these new developments.

With complete in-house engineering and machinery design utilizing the latest in CAD technology, Trinamics is recognized for highly innovative designs and a creative approach to packaging applications.

Research & Development is an ongoing and important function at Trinamics. Trinamics' line-up of quality packaging machinery includes highly flexible Cartoners, Bottom Load, Top Load, Side Load, End Load, and Wrap Around Case Packers, Case Erectors, Sealers, and Sleevers.

Trinamics Incorporated has the ability to offer engineered packaging machinery solutions for standard or non-standard applications such as for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, household and light industrial products producers.

Trinamics Packaging Machinery Systems provide increased packaging efficiency, productivity, reduced labour requirements and minimal maintenance.

Located in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, Trinamics takes pride in establishing a healthy work environment that reflects the latest in modern manufacturing and management practices.

Trinamics is a proud member of Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI) picc


Innovative engineered packaging solutions

From Engineers to Machinists, dedicated and hardworking individuals are what propel us forward. Come see how you can be a part of our future