August 9, 2016


The TR2000 series of cartoners are high quality cartoning systems designed to provide exceptional value to packaging companies.

Trinamics cartoners are rugged, powerful, innovative and highly flexible to satisfy the demands of low, medium and high volume production.


The rugged one piece welded frame and top-quality components make the TR2000 series of cartoners among the strongest cartoners in the industry. The powerful drive and the two-inch diameter main drive shaft provide smooth and quiet acceleration to facilitate manual or automatic loading and minimize operator fatigue.


By eliminating drive chains and utilizing telescoping shafts with universal joints, Trinamics has synchronized drive
components to save hours of service and maintenance. Shafts throughout the cartoner are stainless steel providing an extremely durable and attractive machine finish.


TR2000 series cartoners are easy to understand, user-friendly and are safe to use with fully interlocked guarding. Rapid three-dimensional changeovers take less than nine minutes and safety is assured with complete fully interlocked clear Lexan® doors.


TR2000 cartoners are available in Manual Load, Semi-Automatic AutoLoad and Fully Automatic AutoLoad configurations.


The TR2000ML Manual Load Cartoner is pre-engineered to upgrade to full AutoLoad capability as future production requires and includes the drive and mounting locations for AutoLoad conversion. The cartoner is complete with a high-speed rotary feeder, loading platform and easily accessible operator control panel.


The TR2000AL Semi-Automatic AutoLoad Cartoner is a semi-automatic loading cartoner where products are manually placed in the buckets of a bucket conveyor and mechanically loaded into the cartons. All the standard features are included with this powerful cartoner.


The TR2000ALX Fully Automatic AutoLoad Cartoner includes a product infeed system. This cartoner may include intelligent positioning conveyors, overhead sweep conveyors, or robotic infeeds that can be coupled with a vision system. Screw in-feeds for bottles or cans, stacking, collating and multi-laning are all capabilities that can be incorporated with this fully automatic cartoner.