August 9, 2016

Economy Series Case Erectors




The Trinamics Case Erector family includes a variety of case erectors tailored to satisfy any case erecting need. The continuous motion case erectors are designed to be a productive addition in any manufacturing environment. The Economy Series Case Erectors share many of the best mechanical and maintenance features of the heavy-duty family of case erectors, but they have been simplified to provide a more cost effective solution for environments where line rates are somewhat lower.


All Trinamics case erectors include “operator friendly” features such as “operator side” mounted hand wheel adjustments, large capacity magazines and fully interlocked Lexan doors.


Trinamics case erectors are built with a rugged, heavy-duty welded stainless steel base frame that provides a stable platform for sustained twenty-four hour operation.


Operational efficiencies are enhanced and ensured by the use of standard features such as “position-based logic” and “on line monitoring” if required. Case erect verification and “jam detect” features further improve the operational efficiencies of all members of the Trinamics case erector family.

Standard Features of Economy Series Case Erectors

  • 48″ powered case magazine holds approx. 150-200 case-blanks
  • Centralized continuous motion main drive motor permits “smooth” and quiet operation
  • Heavy-duty fabricated stainless steel base frame provides a stable platform for a sustained twenty four hour operation
  • Stainless steel contact parts such as plow bars and kickers
  • Festo® pneumatic components utilized throughout including valves, vacuum generators, and cylinders provide for reliable and consistent operation
  • Positive action case extractor arm includes multiple bellows vacuum cups to ensure tolerant case extraction
  • Localized Venturi type vacuum generator ensures stable vacuum levels
  • Positive case indexing stops ensure precise case positioning for secondary forming
  • Leading and trailing minor flaps are closed by a positive pneumatic kicker
  • Automatic top and bottom major flap-folding assembly
  • Dekka tape applicator for application of 2″ pressure sensitive tape
  • Virtually tool-less changeover features throughout
  • Fully interlocked clear Lexan® doors provide safe and easy operator access
  • Fully enclosed stainless steel guard package below the product run
  • Magnetic safety interlocks hard wired on a “safety relay” to optimize safety
  • Solid state photo-sensors monitor, verify and confirm case production
  • Allen Bradley Micrologix® PLC controls machine functions
  • Operator control panel includes a “mushroom” E Stop
  • Nema 12 electrical cabinet with 440 volt 3 phase service
  • Variable frequency drive on drive main motor
  • Detailed Maintenance/Service Manual

Optional Features of Economy Series Case Erectors

  • Variety of extended magazines to suit case rates
  • Optional HMI touch screen upgrades
  • Heavy duty random reset mechanical clutch packages
  • Central lubrication packages
  • Positional indicators on operator adjustment points
  • Variable or preset speed control
  • Low level tape indicators
  • Nordson ProBlue 7® melt tank with Nordson melt hose and Nordson melt applicator for application of hot melt adhesive
  • Stack light and alarm indicators

Maximum KD Length 36 Inch 30 Inch 20 Inch
Case Rate (Max) 20 25 30
Magazine Powered 36″ Inch Auto Index (extended magazines available)