August 9, 2016

Partition Inserters


Trinamics stand alone Cell Divider Inserter forms and inserts cell dividers at rates in excess of 30 inserts per minute. Horizontal indexing magazines supply cell dividers blanks to the forming station where cases are loaded simultaneously within the module.


The Cell Divider Inserter Module features precision machined components, and robust construction to provide reliability, durability and long service life.


-Clean, efficient design
-Precision machining throughout
-Variable speed servo main drive motor and gear reducer
-Stainless steel lower guarding
-Heavy duty fabricated stainless steel frame


-Premium quality assures long service life
-Customers work directly with Trinamics
-Servo drives provide exceptional speed control
-Adjustable indexing profile provides flexibility for future considerations
-High quality, low maintenance, saves labour
-Easy to troubleshoot and service which saves time
-Fast changeover provides greater uptime
-Productivity and profit maximized


divider 2

-Deboss coding
-Central or cluster lubrication
-Upgradable touch-screen interface
-Recommended spare parts


Cell Divider Inserters can be used for a wide range of applications in most industries including:


-Food and Beverage
-Household and Industrial
-Meat and Poultry