August 9, 2016

Sleeve Wrappers



The TR2000SW continuous motion Wrap Around Sleever is a compact, fully automatic form, load and seal sleeving system. It is designed to wrap an economical flat die-cut carton-blank fully around a product. The TR2000SW Sleever is a user-friendly, easy to operate and service sleeve wrap system designed to operate in sustained 24 hour packaging environments.


The TR2000SW provides packagers with an economical high quality wrap-around sleeving system that will handle a wide range of products and product sizes. The TR2000SW Sleever features precision-machining and robust construction.


A PLC provides programmed control for all timing and automated functions. All areas of the Sleever are easily accessed through fully interlocked clear Lexan® safety doors that provide clear viewing of all areas of the sleever.


The highly innovative product infeed system automatically loads the product from the supply conveyor into the sleeving system. The system orients the products as required and a high-speed rotary feeder places a flat die-cut sleeve blank on top of the product. The product is then used as a mandrel to form, close and seal the sleeve. A short bead of hot melt adhesive is applied to the sleeve seam to provide an instant, tamper-evident seal.

sleever 2


The TR2000SW Wrap Around Sleever is designed to package products in economical wrap around sleeve display cartons. Typical applications are frozen foods in round microwave bowls.


Trinamics rotary feeder is a precision pick-and-place feeder that places economical die-cut carton blanks precisely on top of each product. The feeder uses a unique belt drive assembly for quiet, high-speed operation.


The TR2000SW Wrap Around Sleever incorporates an overhead product and carton squaring assembly to maintain the alignment of the product and wrap-around carton. This overhead assembly assures correct positioning of sleeve and product during closing and sealing. The overhead squaring assembly is lifted by pneumatic controls to provide easy access for service or for clearing product. Coding can be incorporated as required.